the sneakview

October 20, 2010

This guy is one of the biggest house ambassadors around the world. This guy loves Romania. This guy will make you shake your ass. Over & over. This guy really needs no introduction. This guy answered my 10 questions. Here goes the sneakview …

Your  definition of house in 10 words

*** Jackin’ funky grooves that will make you shake your ass!

Techno has it’s heroes (the creator, the originator, the innovator). Who are the people responsible for the evolution of the house sound ? Who/What influenced you ?

*** I was influenced by the first pioneers of the sound of House, Marshal Jefferson, Farley Funk, Steve Hurley, Ralphie Rosario. Back in my youth I was a huge fan of the House sound because of these guys and few others I did not mention. What influenced me the most was the raw element of the selection of music and the way the used to play it.

Are there major differences between the scene in the US and Europe ?

*** I always get this same question and I always give the same answer, USA started the sound, Europeans mastered the business of selling it and presenting it to the masses. There is no real comparison because in the US there is simply no scene that really supports House music, they are usually following the European trends, this is why there are so many “Bad” DJS crossing to the US to perform.

You’ve seen Romania more than a few times, you played all across the country these years, you’ve met people and hanged around Bucharest. How would you describe the scene here ?

*** I believe that Romanians are a special kind of people, you guys love the music and respect the producers that make it. I love to come play because I can simply be DJ Sneak and this is what everybody in Romania wants, not for me to sound like someone else but to be ME, the funky jackin’ Chicago House Gangster! The scene in Romania is generally really open to suggestions, whatever you bring to the table you usually get the love for doing it the way you do it.

The last few years have seen a revival of the house sound. A lot of Romanian producers are now also on the house bandwagon. Do you think this growth is sustainable ? Or is it just going round and round again ?

*** No matter what, trends in music come and go but I believe that House music has the potential to stay fresh and underground. There are enough people out there with the passion to keep it going. I do wish that more producers out there tried to get more inspired by real House music instead of by the flaky trends. There is a lot of music that sounds like crap and is just commercially overkilled. I believe that this happens because people are uninspired and make the music for the wrong reasons.

What are the essential tools for creating house? What gear would you recommend ? What gear do you use ?

*** Imagination and inspiration are probably 2 of the most important tools in creating something funky and groovy. House music is so spread out these days that everybody talks about doing it, but many times people are simply following the HIT makers to become some sort of POP Star DJS instead of just doing it because they love to do it regardless of the outcome. Making music for the love of the sound is what creates the best House. As for equipment, I use mo style, my Apple Mac + Cubase and some analog equipment for texture. If you want to create music you can use what’s available to you and just learn it to create what you want.  When I first started I got a Roland TR 909, I practiced on that for month, then I got an Akai sampler to finally sample and use my 909 to sequence the samples. I would strongly suggest staying away from downloading a “cracked” version of something like “LIVE”, this is what creates the dull music out there. Be more creative and take the time to learn how to use different equipment. I’m telling ya, it makes a world of difference.

Who are tomorrow’s house stars ?

*** I couldn’t tell you because unfortunately STARS are many times made from no talent but from industry connections, marketing, and plain ass kissing skills. What I can tell you is that there are some real quality DJ’s and producers out there and this is what will keep House alive. Make music because you love it and you have the passion, that’s where the real STARS come from.

You were a vinyl shop owner. What’s your prevision on the vinyl issue?

*** I love vinyl; I still own more than 30,000 records. I miss playing it but it’s all about convenience these days. I personally record every record I own to get familiar with it again so when I am at home in my studio my hands are on vinyl all day long. I love finding old classics, recording them to CD and then playing them out again like they deserve to be played. I have nothing but love and admiration for old classic cuts on vinyl. I actually feel more comfortable that my records are safe in my house and I’m not traveling with them and worrying about them getting lost or damaged. I’m not into LAPTOP DJS, the LAPTOP just makes it WAY to easy to cheat, many times the DJ isn’t really doing anything but making themselves look good in the booth while these programs are doing all the mixing for them. I’ve even noticed that DJ’s are now performing with no records, no CD’s, no mixer, not even headphones – nothing but a computer … what is up with that??

Whats next on dj sneak’s agenda ? (remixes, ep’s, albums, collaborations)

*** I got a lot on the plate, more music thru my labels Magnetic & Oomph Recordings, a few releases on some known labels, Desolat, A:rpiar, Robsoul, GuestHouse Music, to mention a few. I’m getting into the Album mode mentality again so for 2011 so you can expect some new DJ Sneak Jackin’ Beats coming your way soon.

Last but not least a message for all the people on the floor at Sunwaves that danced their feet away until the end on your funky chunky grooves :)

*** All I can say is THANK YOU ROMANIA!!! You allow me to be myself and push me to be the best I can be, I nearly passed out after playing for 7 1/2 hours in the SUN! What a party it was and I look forward to visiting you again soon. Respect to all the real “House Heads” that love me for being myself!  Kisses n hugs … xoxoxoxo DJ SNEAK


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