fsob 013 – visullucid

March 14, 2012

don’t feel unlucky this one’s a little shorter. if this is your first encounter with visullucid we are sure this will happen more often. his latest tracks were mixed and blended together in order to achieve this perfect 13 futere mixtape. enjoy !


FSOB 011 – Praslea

December 19, 2011

young as he is, praslea is an old inhabitant of our beloved city. the sibiu native was making waves long before you could tell house from techno or funky from disco. let’s just say he knows what is what and who is who. but who is he ? that we really can’t tell but it’s only obvious that he is futere enough for our taste

FSOB 010 – Alex Baciu

October 19, 2011

moving from bacau to bucharest was a natural move from an young aspiring dj like alex baciu. influenced already by the house phenomen back home, he started going out and soon he discovered bucharest’s wild nightlife. the sounds he found here were inspirational enough to shape his future futere style. this is his mix for us.

It’s time for another Bucharest born and raised dj to take over the futere podcast. Either you know her from her weekly radio show (smoothy grooves on groove on radio) or from the club, you must know she’s futere all the fucking way. Chance put the 009 near her name but we assure you this mix deserves a big fat 10. Here you go !

FSOB 008 – Hado

August 10, 2011

No stranger to Bucharest’s wild nightlife, Hado delivers a mix so deep it stands even beyond futere. Actually that’s not possbile. Minimal seems to be his weapon of choice today but we are sure he is well prepared for any kind of sonic attack. You can listen more of Hado every tuesday on Groove On radio.

FSOB 007 – Latecomer

July 18, 2011


well known for his deeds alongside partners in crime AWD House, Narcis is one fine producer and a promicing dj too. he proudly inhabits our beloved city and also blesses us with his divine cocktails so we think all together these are enogh reasons for us to belive he is futere too. his Latecomer alias presents something different than you would expect, futere nevertheless …

2 albume

June 21, 2011

* de ascultat