fsob 013 – visullucid

March 14, 2012

don’t feel unlucky this one’s a little shorter. if this is your first encounter with visullucid we are sure this will happen more often. his latest tracks were mixed and blended together in order to achieve this perfect 13 futere mixtape. enjoy !



February 15, 2012

natalia onofrei

February 15, 2012

paz de la huerta

February 14, 2012

* via feeder

2 good movies

February 1, 2012

FSOB 011 – Praslea

December 19, 2011

young as he is, praslea is an old inhabitant of our beloved city. the sibiu native was making waves long before you could tell house from techno or funky from disco. let’s just say he knows what is what and who is who. but who is he ? that we really can’t tell but it’s only obvious that he is futere enough for our taste